Speakers, attendees and exhibitors praised the Emerging Technologies in Automation Conference and Trade Show:

“It’s unique, more intimate yet suits a very large audience.”

– Casey Martin, Sr. Account Manager, Valiant TMS

“Emerging Technologies is one of my favourite conferences and I look forward to joining again next year!”

– Garrett Renders, Account Manager – SWO, Integrys Ltd.

“I think it was a great opportunity to network with companies already working in the sector and newcomers and leveraging those newcomers as part of the network.”

– Rafal Bulgarski, General Manager, Canadian Automobility Enterprises

“The event brought together the industry experts, OEMs, integrators who showcased the new emerging Technologies and the evolution of existing Technologies…. The Invest  WindsorEssex team did a fantastic job in organizing this awesome event and helped us in collaborating with diverse teams who made this an extremely knowledge enriching and engaging event. Thank you so much for all the great work!!”

– Arun Muthu, Director, USAC Technology Deployment, 3M Canada

“I received a lot of interest afterwards over LinkedIn and email and I know the Booth got a lot more traction with people interested in hearing more!”

– Dave Ellis, President, FIRST Robotics Canada

“Events such as the Windsor-Essex Emerging Technologies in Automation Conference accelerate the path to informed adoption of new technology vital to sustainability and growth.  There is still a long way to go before all automation opportunities are realized and your conference can certainly help prepare companies for their automation journeys with emerging technologies.”

– Nicolas Durand, Vice President and General Manager, ABB Robotics Canada

“Thank you…for the opportunity to talk a bit about my team’s work. And thank you for your hard work coordinating and running such a great conference.  It was a joy to be back in a physical space this year.  I’m really looking forward to next year’s show.”

– Allen Ali, Sr. Solution Architect, DataRealm



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