Recover and Thrive

Recover and Thrive

Emerging Technologies Speaker Series presents: RECOVER AND THRIVE

A virtual journey of entrepreneurship, skills for success, technology and community. 

The WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation in partnership with the WindsorEssex Small Business Centre invite women-led SME’s and entrepreneurs to join us from October 2020 to January 2021 to take part in a series of webinars designed to inspire, drive positive change and connect an ecosystem of leaders across the country. 

As we navigate the “new normal” brought about by COVID-19, it is now more than ever apparent that bringing people together for support, best practices and resource-sharing is critical to the survival of our economy. This global pandemic has shifted the way we do business and opened the doors for greater reliance on technology platforms in order to effectively carry out our day to day interactions.

Participants in this program will experience world-class speakers and inspiring women pioneers who will share their journeys to success including all the ups and downs along the way. Topics will cover a broad range of information from the necessary technologies for a productive business in today’s climate to using success to drive positive social change. 

This program is being offered as part of the region’s Women Entrepreneurship Strategy, funded by the Federal Government. This strategy, in collaboration with 5 partners (Epi Centre, Workforce WindsorEssex, WEtech Alliance, WECAN Investors, Build a Dream) encourages and promotes women entrepreneurs to start and grow emerging technology businesses. The project also enhances data and knowledge banks to develop a clearer picture of the women entrepreneur ecosystem and increase representation of women entrepreneurs in emerging technology sectors.

Recover and Thrive will include 8 sessions strategically outlined to build upon the best practices presented by each speaker. Each session will conclude with a technology challenge to be completed/implemented by participants. The program will also involve coach led networking and support sessions that will provide a forum to share resources and assist with challenge execution. 

Participation in all sessions and full completion of all challenges will result in the opportunity to win the following:

An Apple gift card worth $1000.00, *3-month coaching package with Professional Leadership Strategist and Coach, Lora Crestan and several other prizes. 

*Smart M.Bold Coaching Prize

Work with Lora Crestan for 3 months to move your business forward.  Start with a 2-hour Smart-Think Session to set your course for coaching over the next 3 months.  Each consecutive month you will have two (2)-1:1 coaching sessions with Lora to move you past your obstacles towards the bold future you are creating for yourself.  (value approx. $2000).



DECEMBER 24, 20202 -3PM

Kate Brodock
Kate Brodock
CEO, Women 2.0 & Founding Partner of W Fund

There are few harder jobs than being an entrepreneur. It comes with days that excite you, days that overwhelm you, days that make you feel brilliant, and days you forget why you’re even there in the first place — and sometimes if you’re even the right person for the job!  As if it’s not already hard enough, along comes a global pandemic. 

As the CEO of Women 2.0 and an active entrepreneurial ecosystem advocate for over a decade, I’ve seen great successes and missed marks. In this talk, I’ll share common denominators of success I’ve seen over and over again. The things I’ve seen entrepreneurial women do, and actions that correlate with success.


Stephanie Trunzo
Stephanie Trunzo
GVP Transformation & Offerings, Oracle Tech & Nonprofit Board Advisor/Founder

Instinctually our hardwiring tells us to avoid change. Survival mechanisms biologically prompt us to seek comfort and constantly return to stasis. Whether from the viewpoint of a change agent, or someone adapting to consume change, this session will help you intentionally understand your change resiliency. 

It’s time to reframe the conversation around change, the way we think about it, respond and pre-empt it. Attendees will learn practical tools and leadership models to build a culture that’s structurally sound enough to not only withstand change but evolve with it. Set roadmaps around learning and implement them in terms of learning velocity. How fast can you change once you learn?